la lucina

by Fabio Badolato & Jonny Costantino

Italy - France, HD, 101′, 2018


Away in the woods a man lives in complete solitude, but a mystery disturbs his loneliness: each night the darkness surrounding the mountain in front his house is suddenly broken by a tiny light. What will be? A search begins that will lead the old man to meet a child. Who is really this child? Which relationship ties them and what keeps them suspended between life and death?

"La lucina is a radical and intimate film, is like a mass. I never thought of interpreting this film. I don’t know if only I could play the protagonist. On one thing, however, I have to agree with the directors: perhaps a professional actor would not have worked so well, opposite to a naked person, someone disarmed, without a mask or armature, someone who was not secured by a profession.”  (Antonio Moresco).

Director's note

«La lucina - film nudo che irradia da un nucleo oscuro. Un film sospeso tra la vita e la morte. Un film sul bambino morto che abita in noi e sulla morte che dobbiamo attraversare per salvare chi amiamo».

La lucina - film  by Fabio Badolato & Jonny Costantino - screening in Berlin