Le Corbusier In Calabria 

by Fabio Badolato & Jonny Costantino

Italy, Super 8mm,  Color - B&W, 11′, 2011

Le Corbusier in Calabria is a journey in Super 8mm which aims to capture the essence of a landscape that is both exterior and interior.

The use of 8 mm film, with its small size and poor resolution, is not justified in the stylistic choice alone, but is the need to amend forms and film elements from descriptive impurities. An osmotic membrane that, in the visual journey, ends up filtering the color to leave black and white to sculpt the compositional elements of the frame. It is in this short-circuiting perspective that the filmmakers put the Domino System project by architect Le Corbusier in dialogue with a socio-cultural reflection on the Calabrian landscape and in general, of Southern Italy.

The directors, in pursuing a search for synthesis, conceive the original version mute, without any audio or sound track. consequently a musical suite with seven tracks will be created, all musics composed by different musicians and free to interpret the journey. Order of musicians: Alberto Fiori - Raffaele Amenta - David Barittoni -  Antonio Iasevoli -  Fratelli Mancuso - Mario Crispi - Pietro Babina -Rita Deiola & Rocio Rico Romero.

  • Fabio Badolato - Le Corbusier in Calabria
  • Fabio Badolato - Le Corbusier in Calabria