Peter Brötzmann - Fabio Badolato


by Fabio Badolato & Jonny Costantino

Color - B&W, Super 16mm

With Peter Brötzmann. The jazzman, the artist and the man.

Free beyond Avant-Garde

There are already three documentaries on Peter Brötzmann. Why another one?

PETERFUCKINGBRÖTZMANN will move in an opposite direction, driven by greater expressiveness of the directors on the basis of a closer involvement in the creative moment of the musician himself. A collaboration which will have an inevitable impact on the emotional aspect of the film. This work is an investigation about the artist, but also about the man, caught in his intimacy through flashes of a real journey that the filmmakers embark together with Brötzmann. A road trip that will expose the three artists to unavoidable circumstances, just like every journey worth of being called a journey.

A portrait that seeks to inquire the artist in his most intimate performances capturing the uniqueness of his sound, that over the years has never stopped to defining and enriching itself both harmonically and melodically. A not-only-documentary aimed to jazz lovers and not, but also to anyone eager to discover a radical artist, a key figure in European free jazz with over 200 record projects. In almost 60 years career Brötzmann in his 80’s remains an active leading figure of musical research without compromises which embodies the spirit of symbols like Sonny Rollins and Albert Ayler.

Brötzmann is not simply jazz. His musical universe embraces the conjunctions of Afro-American traditions, with its endless expressions of warmth and talent (from Delta Blues to New Thing trough Swing), and the intellectually purist post-atomic avant-garde position of the Old Continent (the "northern front" such as Ligeti and Stockhausen). In Brötzmann art, the research is not pure aesthetics: it's a formal and existential search that combines the tremendous and the wonderful, investigating to the extreme poetic consequences the abyss of the human heart. Brötzmann rips from oblivion wounds partly rooted in the trauma of the Second World War, giving voice to a silenced horror and opening, with his unique sound, glimmers of light in the dark side of our condition, transfiguring the scream in a chant of disarming beauty.

Peter Brötzmann